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Birmingham, AL

Lifeguard began air operations in Birmingham, Alabama in 1998 and ground ambulance service in 2001. Currently employing over 150 team members, including EMTs, paramedics, auto mechanics, billing specialists, administrative and support staff. Lifeguard- Birmingham is an established center for corporate, regional and local operations.

Lifeguard features Advanced Life Support (ALS), Critical Care (CC), and Basic Life Support (BLS) transport services, equipping each ALS unit with 12 lead cardiac monitoring, Pulse Oximetry, 3 Chamber IV pumps , Ventilators and Stryker stretcher systems in a variety of configurations, including MX Pro Bariatric. We feel our medical teams, paramedics and EMTs are the very best in the industry and maintain that excellence with continuing education and training programs. Our team members take great pride in and work hard to maintain the professional skill level needed and required by the State of Alabama Department of EMS to provide the quality patient care and exemplary customer service our patients demand. 

Lifeguard has successfully partnered with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Critical Care Transport Program for more than 12 years, providing quality patient care services. Lifeguard is proud to be the exclusive vendor for both Air Ambulance and Ground Ambulance Service for UAB-CCT and recently renewed that partnership for another five years. Children’s Hospital, HealthSouth and St. Vincent’s Hospital are also counted among our valued customers.

Lifeguard provides services to many communities and facilities in the Birmingham and Central Alabama area, delivering both emergency and non-emergency transports to over 15,000 patients a year. Lifeguard’s mission is to provide the highest quality patient care and comfort in our industry coupled with unsurpassed customer service. We strive to earn the confidence our customers place in us with the transports of their patients and loved ones. Earning that confidence must take place everyday, with every transport. Lifeguard’s success can be directly attributed to the dedication of our team members and their commitment to that mission.

Lifeguard wants to make the transport of your loved one or patient as easy as one phone call, so our Communication Dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day/seven days a week to arrange a transport or to answer any questions you or the family may have about the services Lifeguard provides.

Community services or program:

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation classes (CPR) are provided to skilled nursing facilities upon request.

To schedule a class for your facility, please contact:                                                  

115 Walter Davis Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209
Office: 205.777.6442
Fax: 205.324.9911

Arrange a transport: 205.933.1911

"Around the Corner or Around the World - Lifeguard is Always at Your Service”

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Birmingham, AL: (205) 933-1911
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Knoxville, TN: (865) 637-1800
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Air Dispatch: 800-262-4688
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