LIifeguard - Health System Partnerships

Partner with Lifeguard

The demands of healthcare reform continue to challenge current systems to seek higher levels of quality, as well as more efficient methods of patient care and flow. Lifeguard goes well beyond being a point A to point B transport provider by delivering a comprehensive and innovative suite of emergency and non-emergency medical transport services. A strategic, value-based partnership with us can provide your system with the creativity, flexibility, insight and results-oriented focus needed to respond to today’s evolving healthcare industry.

Partner with us to offer your patients the following advantages:

By supporting flow, throughput, bed management, readmission mitigations, accreditations, patient satisfaction and outcome measures, Lifeguard helps our partners attain internal benchmarks while achieving tactical and strategic objectives.

As a committed provider and partner, Lifeguard is able to make appropriate modifications to meet the specific needs of our system partners, including but not limited to fleet size, branding, deployment configuration and staffing models.